Revells 18ml Aqua Color Acrylic Paint Ochre Brown Matte

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SKU 4009803361888
Height 3.00 (cm)
Width 4.00 (cm)
Depth 3.30 (cm)
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Revell Aqua Color Paint is available in blue mat colour. It is no longer necessary for the model-builder to compromise. You can rely on this acrylic paint system for all your colour requirements. Revell Aqua Color paints in completely new 18 ml containers are ideal to use. The paints can be diluted with water. The paints have a mild odour. It is not inflammable. It contain practically no organic solvents and can be mixed together. The paint is totally dry after 2 to 3 hours and a coat can be over painted after just 1 hour. 6 Times faster that with Email Color enamels. These paints are also suitable for airbrushing, but the following should be noted: The paints should not be diluted too much. Dilute with maximum 20 to 25% water. The spray gun can be cleaned with water immediately after use. For use with a brush: The paints can be applied with a paint brush. With a paint brush you can get a surface almost as smooth as with an Airbrush. The end result is absolutely comparable to that with Email Color enamel paints. Exceptionally good results with a paint brush.