Spin to Sing Board Game Singing Competition For All The Family Children Gift Fun

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Spin to Sing Game is the talent show game where the best performer wins! Spin it, sing it and win it! Have you got what it takes to be a Spin to Sing star? Just like your favorite TV talent shows, Spin to Sing is the ultimate family game and allows you to perform live, judge the performances and captures all your best bits with live performance ‘selfies’. Spin the microphone to select a performer who has to sing to one of the tracks on their phone through the free Spin to Sing game app. Whether you’re the next Beyonce, or completely tone-deaf, Spin to Sing is all about who gives the best performance. So show off your dance moves, act silly, or go over the top – whatever it takes to impress your judges! Spin to Sing uses the music you already have downloaded onto your smart phone, so create a playlist at the beginning of the game that all your family and friends will enjoy. Throughout your performance, your fellow players can add a twist to your performance by throwing in a performance card. Cards include ‘sing like a mouse’ ‘rap’ and ‘opera style’ – making for even sillier performances. Each fellow player scores your performance in secret using the five star scoring system on the app, and at the end of the game, the performer with the highest average score wins! The winner is then ‘awarded’ with a ‘Winner’s Journey’ photo montage of all the best bits from their performances– just like a real TV talent show! Players can then share their Winner’s Journey online with family and friends. Smart phone and app required. (Not included) Product Features: The game follows the formula of popular TV talent shows Multiplayer up to 6 Free APP (Included) App uses music/playlist from your smartphone Jeopardy cards add a hilarious twist to performances Each player has 3 x lifelines – Pass, Shuffle and Group Sing Set up.